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#Reliable Business Partner to meet "Key Performance Indicators" (KPI's) & to get "Return of Investment" (ROI's)!

I.T. Help Desk Services

We have excellent technical resource with hands-on and expertise in Hyderabad (India) for 24x7.

To have remote support tools for in-depth analysis and problem resolution with integrated support

Our basic support for Workstations, Professional Notebooks, Servers, Networking (H/W & S/W) & MFP's

#Offsite & Onsite Deployment Contractor in Canada!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Varoius Stage for ERP Implemetation are ; Pre / Plannng / Product / Design / Develop / Test / #GO LIVE! / Post

Varoius market segemnt are ; i) Small Biz ERP ii) Middle Market ERP & iii) Fortune 2000 & Enterprises ERP

World top 5 Client/Server ERP Software Applications are ; Epicor, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle & SAP

#IN (Efficiency & Productiveness) & LESS (Accountabilty & Multi-Tasking) KILLS GROWTH of an COMPANY!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Current CRM Technology Standard Offering are ; Implementation, Roll-Out, Management, Upgrades & Migration

Why CRM??? - B'coz are ; Organised, Track your Events and Tasks, Forecast with Metrics, Centralised, Biz Cycle & Competition

World top 5 CRM Software Applications are ; Pipedrive, Infusionsof, Salesforce, Zoho & Punchh.

#What is the Sales Cycle & Why is imporant, in today's ever changing dynamic market?

Microsoft Exchange Project

MS Exchange reliable access to email, calendar, and contacts - from virtually any device

Key support feature MS Exchange it works and has full integrated tooling support from PC (Outlook) to mobile phones

A healthy Exchange Server environment depends on the successful configuration and interaction of multiple variables

#Easily create and manage all your communications both in the workplace and on your mobile device using Exchange.!

Cloud Management Project

Cloud computing, in turn, refers to sharing resources, software, and information via a network

Advantages are ; Worlwide Access, More Storage, Easy Set-up, Automatic Updates & Reduce Costs

Dis-Advantages are ; Security, Privacy, Loss of Control & Internet Reliance

#Best Cloud Services are ; Amazon, Box Dropbox, Egnyte, G Suite, iCloud, iDrive, MS One Drive, Open Drive & Sugrsybnc

Cybersecurity Project

Cybersecurity issues present huge challenges "NETWORK VULNERABILITY & HACKER AWARENESS"

Internet Security, Firewall, Endpoint Security and other PC Security software for Windows & all OS

Computer network assessment will begin a cybersecurity plan to mitigate the largest risks to your business

#Govt. are looking into Management of Cybersecurity Risks, Threats, Vulnerabilities & Impacts!

PHP Project

We design and develop website @ affordable price are Responsive and Static Dynamic & E-Commerce Websites

We ensure your website is hosted with reliable 3rd party for the security for your database

We have friendly user CMS to do in-house minor changes i.e.,Delete or Edit the contents on your own hassle free

Our Standard Prices are ; US$ 199 (7-Pages) / US$ 299 (12-Pages) / US$ 399 (18-pages) / US$ 599 (24-Pages).

I.T. Process Automation (ITPA)

#ITPA reduces Manual, Repetitive Tasks, Error Reduction, Documentation and Bst Practises

I.T. Automation can reduce cybersecurity risks

ITPA Challeges are ; Integration, Process not Defined, Automation tools are coplicated, Loss Control & Jobs!

#ITPA Value based Prcing are ; Jobs, Server & Pre-Server, Unlimited Users & Perpetual license maximizes ROI!